President - Jérôme BIGNONAt the dawn of the third millennium, it seems of evident importance to group together under a single identity the most beautiful stretches of coastline of the planet, and in particular the bays which are a symbolic link between the ocean and the mainland.

The arc shape of bays is in itself a schematic representation of the confrontation or meeting of these two worlds.

This subtle delimitation naturally favours confrontations and exchanges more strongly than anywhere else.
In effect bays, which often have islands which are themselves loaded with mythical interst, have developed  in the course of their history particular traits of geography, physiology, hydrology and biology which are very rich particularly in flora and fauna.

In our more and more tormented societies, with an ever faster rhythm, man needs to replenish himself, in his subconscious he therefore searches for something tangible of what he considers fundamental values. What could be stronger than the spectacle of “Mother Sea,” source of life, this sea which is the “mother” of our origins, to contemplate the sea is the best way to understand the value and fragility of life. Put simply this spectacle must not be diminished and the environment must not be marked by the stigmatisms of a badly controlled or managed modern world.
From this stems the ambiguity of bays which attract humans like a magnet and which at the same time refuse a permanent invasion.

How can we reconcile the attraction and the value of these fragile sites knowing that too much passage or badly managed touristic development will ultimately lead to destruction of the site and consequently less interest from the public?

The interest of bays in terms of the environment, on psychology, on touristic activity, all in complementarity with local economic development is obvious, though it must still be underligned. It is the whole reason behind the Worlds most beautiful bays club, which has the objective to contribute through reflexion and exchanges, to ensure that these exceptional sites will remain so in years to come.

Due to this area for exchanging ideas, and concrete achievements, the members of the Worlds most beautiful bays club should or must become international references for intelligent management of coastal areas.