13°3' N, 120°75' E South China Sea


The Bay of Puerto Galera is located South of Manila, around 3 to 4 hours travel time by land and sea. It is nested on the Northern part of the island of Mindoro, in the center of the volcanic archipelago of the Philippines. Mindoro is the 7th largest island of the country, it covers about 10,000 square kilometers of largely forested land . Its strategic position on the sea routes (Indonesia, China, Sumatra and Java..) and its very safe natural harbor made of it a trading port wellknown by the navigators since at least the 10th century; its name was given in 1570 by Spanish explorers.


Its natural configuration, a closed bay of 4 km², and its ecosystems make of it a genuine marine " jewelry box " ; it belongs since 1979 to a "Human Réserve of Man and Biosphere" (MAB programme of UNESCO) of which one of the principal tasks is the conservation of the coral and forest reefs. The major stake is currently to make compatible the development of bay, in particular tourist, with the protection of its ecosystems, its traditional lifestyle and culture (Mangyan), its landscapes.


Natural environment
Human environment
Volcanic archipelago
English, Tagalog
Tropical, warm, humid
Local economy :
Fishing Agriculture Tourism
Moyenne annuelle: 27 ° C
Amplitude annuelle: from 22°C to 32°C
Population (inhab.): 23 000
Density (inhab/km2): 100
50 % less than 20 years old
Annual: 2 000 mm
Distribution: Monsoon July to December
Human Development Index:
Biogeographic classification:
Tropical humid forest with coastal/marine component (Indomalayan)
Ecological Footprint:
1, 2

Natural heritage:
Reserve biosphere (232 km²) : Forest with endemic species, 9 varieties of seagrass (total of 16 in the world), 20 species of mangroves trees out of 40 in the Philippines, 152 coral species out of 400 in the country, 121 species of fish, tortoises..marble, gold.

Cultural heritage:
Traditional culture of Mangyans (natives living of hunting and gathering) divided into 8 groups having their name, language and habits of which the Iraya group in Puerto Galera.

Coastal management:
Plan of management of the Bay has been completed last June 2005 for the 2006-2010 period

Criteria retained by the club:
BN 4 : Natural habitats (forest, seagrass, corals, ..) ; BC 3 : Testimony on a civilisation (Mangyan)




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