12° N, 108° E - South China sea

The bay of Nha Trang is located in the province of Khan Hoa, southern maritime area of Central Vietnam. Nha Trang city is the political, economic, cultural center of this province ; it's build in the estuary of Cai river and is surounded by 4 montains ("Long Son" = dragon, "Sinh Trung"= éléphant, "Trai Thuy = tortue, "Hoa Son" = chauve souris). 

With a surface of 507 km2, the bay extends between Cay Cape (north) and Dong Ba Cape (south) ; the coastline (103 km) includes two distinct parts : continentale and islander, thus contributing to a great biodiversity but also to the development of the maritime activities: tourism, aquaculture and product processing, transportation, ...the main problem concerns : environmental pollution, illegal exploitation of mineral and forest resources ; fast urbanization.

Natural environment
Human environment
Rocky and indented 
Tropical climate at season dries
Local economy :
Tourism - Craft industryTourism (48%) - Industry (37%) - agro-forestry (16%)

Annual average : 25° C
Annual amplitude : between 19° C and 31 ° C
Population (inhab.) : 400 000
Density (inhab/km2) :
Annual : 2 000 mm
Distribution : Rains of monsoon of summer
Human Development Index: 
Vietnam : 0,688
Biogeographic classification:

Ecological Footprint:
Vietnam : 0,76

Natural heritage:
Marine flora : 100 varieties of coral, algae ; marine fauna : 200 rare species ; protected islands like Hon Mun (sea swallows) ; mangroves, lagoons, beaches of sand, 

Cultural heritage:

Temples, alive traditionsPoh Nagar temple, Long Song Pagoda, Dien Khanh Citadel, Institut Pasteur and Institute of Oceanographic, alive traditions like the collect nests of swallows

Coastal management:

Hon Mun Marine Protected Area Pilot Project (first zone of biological conservation maritime of Vietnam) 

Criteria retained by the club:
BN 5 : Homogeneous unity ; BC 6 : Alive traditions




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