Charter of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club

Preserve to Develop

To be a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club is to commit oneself to:

Saving the natural heritage of the bay

Preserving its identity

Respecting the way of life and the traditions of those that inhabit the area whilst

ensuring economic development compatible with these commitments


Objectives of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club

  • To join together to make ourselves better known
  • To promote the areas and obtain national and international recognition enabling the use of public forums from which to operate
  • To consider together the problems linked to the regulation of tourism flows, the preservation and valorisation of the landscapes and the local economic development
  • To be an example of a reasoned approach to tourism in the third millennium
  • To encourage the exchange of experience, knowledge and expertise

The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club has registered the trademark on an international level. Only bays belonging to the club are authorised to state their membership to the network of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World

Admission Criteria

  • To be a bay: The bay must open onto a shoreline with the concave nature of the site largely dominant
  • The structure applying must represent all or part of the bay and be locally recognised as such
  • The bay must be the object of protective measures
  • The bay must present an interesting flora or fauna
  • The bay must present outstanding and attractive natural habitats
  • The bay must be nationally recognised
  • The bay must be emblematic to the local population
  • Economic activities in the surrounding area of the bay must be able to coexist
  • There should be a potential for economic developments
  • The wish to represent the bay and adhere to the values and the actions of the ONG must be clearly shown

Finally, the bay must present at least two remarkable features in the cultural or natural assets categories.


Cultural Assets



A. Represents a masterpiece of human engineering

Le Mont St Michel (France)

B. Testifies to an exchange of considerable influences in the development of architecture and arts during a given period of time


C. Gives a unique and exceptional testimony of a living or lost civilisation 

The Megaliths (Golf of Morbihan - Bay of Quiberon France)

D. Offers an example of a type of construction or landscape illustrating a significant period in human history

Houses of San Francisco (United States)

E. Constitutes an example of the occupation of a traditional territory, representative of a culture when the area becomes vulnerable from the effect of irreversible transformations

Back Waters (India)

F. Is directly associated with events, living traditions and works of art that have a universally renown significance


In all cases, whether it is for the design, the habitat, the materials used or the management of the environment, the site must meet authenticity criteria.


Natural Assets



A. Represents important stages in the history of the Earth, a geological process of great interest

Halong Bay

B. Represents the continuing ecological and biological process with the development of a remarkable and homogeneous eco-system (land and water living animals and plants, marine and costal environments)

Scandola Reserve

Golf of Porto Girolata (Corsica)

C. Represents a natural phenomenon or an area of exceptional beauty

Diego Suarez Bay


D. Contains natural habitats for the preservation of fauna and flora, especially for endangered species

Somme Bay (France)

E. Constitutes an interdependent, coherent and homogeneous ensemble well representative of a functioning bay

The Bay of Rio


F. Has a coherent management and development plan that can be used for reference

Tadoussac Bay


In all cases, the bay must be legally or institutionally protected either in its entirety or in part.




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