Gulf of Morbihan / Bay of Quiberon

This bay, located in Brittany, is made up of two complementary areas with an equivalent surface area (approx. 120 km²). The Golfe du Morbihan (

Bay of Somme

The bay of Somme is the largest estuary of the north of France (72 km2) ; it holds its name of the river

Mont St-Michel bay

La baie du Mont-Saint -Michel est située à la limite des régions françaises de la Normandie et de la Bretagne ; elle tient son nom du Mont-Saint-Michel, classé au patrimoine mondial en 1979.

Saintes Bay

The archipelago of Les Saintes, located in the French West Indies at 12 kilometers at the south of the island of the Guadeloupe

Girolata & Porto gulf

The Gulf of Porto-Girolata and the reserve of Scandola are located on the Western coast of Corsica.

Mindelo Bay

Mindelo bay belongs to the volcanic Cape Verde archipelago (3 850 km²) located off the coast of Senegal and Gambia.

Agadir Bay

The Bay of Souss-Massa is at the end of the Souss valley, bounded on the north by the High Atlas and south by the Anti-Atlas. Agadir (in Berber

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is situated in the north of vietnam . Unesco : Worl Heritage Inscription 1999 : Ha Long Bay, in the gulf of Tonkin, includes somme 1 600 islands and islets, forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars.

Banderas Bay - Puerto Vallarta

The bay of Banderas - Puerto Vallarta is situated at the foot of Sierra Madre mountains. Bahia de Banderas is the Mexico's biggest bay (80 km) ; the town of Puerto Vallarta, founded in XVI century by spanish, is an important tourist place.

Setubal Bay

The bay of Setubal, located at the immediate south of Lisbon, corresponds to the estuary of Rio Sado. This cut out estuary is leaned with the buttresses of Serra da Arrábida and separate Atlantic Ocean by the peninsula of Troia; 23000 ha are classified in natural reserve.

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco's bay is situated on the californian coast. It corresponds to a ditch of techtonic origin, which explains its great depths. The famous city of San Francisco and also several towns have been built all around.

Praia do Rosa Bay

Praia do Rosa Bay is located in Santa Catarina's state in southern of Brazil ; it owes its reputation with the coast of riffs ans sandy beaches where come right whales between july and november.

Tadoussac bay

The bay of Tadoussac is located in the estuary of the St. Lawrence at the junction of the Saguenay Fjord.¶

Bay of Chaleur

The Bay of Chaleur is located at the west of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. It is a submerged valley of the Restigouche river, surrounded by the chain of the Appalachian Mountains, which separates New Brunswick from the peninsula of Gaspé, in the province of Quebec.

Qingdao Bay

Qingdao is located at the southern tip of the Shandong Peninsula facing Jiaozhou Bay.

Santander Bay

The bay of santander is located on the northern coast of Spania. This land is full history : Altamira's grotto (The Chapel Sixtine of the Prehistory) World patrimony of Unesco. The Romans were the first people to build a port in this spot.

Diego Suarez bay

The bay of Diego Suarez is located at the extreme north of Madagascar and holds its name of two Portuguese navigators: Diego Diaz and the admiral Suarez (XVI century).

Boka Kotorska

Bouches de Kotor is situated on the east side of Adriatic sea. UNESCO : World Heritage inscription 1999.

Pemba Bay

Pemba Bay

Puerto Galera Bay

The Bay of Puerto Galera is located South of Manila, around 3 to 4 hours travel time by land and sea. It is nested on the Northern part of the island of Mindoro, in the center of the volcanic archipelago of the Philippines. Mindoro is the 7th largest island of the country, it covers about 10,000 square kilometers of largely forested land .

Bodrum Bay

The bay of Bodrum is situated on the Aegean coast of South West Turkey on the south side of the Bodrum peninsula.

Nha Trang Bay

The bay of Nha Trang is located in the province of Khan Hoa, southern maritime area of Central Vietnam. Nha Trang city is the political, economic, cultural center of this province ; it's build in the estuary of Cai river and is surounded by 4 montains

Lang Co-Hue Bay

Southern China Sea16o15' North 108o05' EastLang Co Bay (‘Village of the Storks') is located in central Vietnam at the bottom of Vai Van Pass (Pass of the Cloud - 496 m in altitude) which defines two different climatic zones. It [...]

Cartagena de Indias Bay

Cartagena de Indias Bay


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Sine Saloum

Le Siné Saloum est située au sud-ouest de la Région de Fatick à environ 150 kms au sud de Dakar. Cette vaste réserve naturelle fluvio-maritime (730 km²) comprend trois principaux domaines.

Bay of Cambodia

Bay of Cambodia

Grikos-Patmos Bay

Grikos-Patmos Bay

Bay of La Baule

Bay of La Baule

Bay of Horta

Bay of Horta

Bay of Fort de France

Bay of Fort de France

Bay of Roses

Bay of Roses

Penghu Bay

Penghu Bay

Sakarun Bay

Sakarun Bay

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