Diploma officially handed over to Penghu s Bay,

17 March 2014

Diploma officially handed over to Penghu’s Bay, Berlin.

On March 7, on the Taiwan’s stand


Wiki-Bays Articles

The Wiki-Bays is the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club’s online encyclopaedia.

On the Wiki-Bays pages, you will discover scientific and technical information on the bays, as well as the projects being implemented by Club members.

To open the Wiki-Bays there are two main sections which you can explore:

  • A tour of the bays in 10 maps "A tour of the bays in 10 maps»: a selection of maps illustrating the main characteristics of the natural and human environments of the bays that are members of the Club.

    See the maps of Wiki-Bays

  •  Biodiversity in Sine-Saloum "The diversity of the bays": presentation of the natural and human environments, and the sustainable development actions implemented in the bays.

    Sine-Saloum in Senegal is the first site present with documents for download on ecotourism and the protection of the protected marine areas of Saloum.

    See the data on Sine-Saloum on Wiki-Bays

The majority of Wiki-Bays is only available in French for the moment


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